Academic Planning
All online courses (credit recovery or non-credit recovery) must be approved by the Director of Counseling, Mrs. Dana Strabavy. This must be done before students register for them in order to receive credit. Tests for courses must be coordinated through the student's school counselor or other school offiicial and may not be taken at the student's home. Courses will be at the expense of the student.
**PLEASE NOTE:  Online courses will not receive honors or AP weighting.

If you plan to play sports at a Division I or II school, please check the NCAA Eligibility Center in order to determine which courses offered by a particular school are NCAA approved. Go to and enter in the online school's ACT/CEEB code to access the NCAA approved course list.
The following is a list of Saint Joseph approved online schools. If a school is not on this list, please contact the Director of Counseling for verification. Please note that is the student is a candidate for Division I or II sports, it is the student's responsibility to verify which courses offered by the school are NCAA approved.

Virtual Catholic    (Approval from Curriculum Director)

Indiana University High School

Mizzou K-12 Online High School

Achieve Virtual Education Academy 

Indiana Virtual School