Choice Scholarship Lottery Process

Lottery Process

Once determination of eligibility of School Choice Scholarship students has been established and if there are more applicants than seats available, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) requires that all schools have a lottery process in place. Active registered Catholic parishioners are given priority consideration throughout the admission process. The administration will set the maximum number of students who may enroll in Saint Joseph High School.

 The process for the lottery is as follows:

  1. For each grade, students are divided into two groups: those who are Catholic and those who are non-Catholic.
  2. Each student on the wait list is assigned a number. Students and their families are informed of the student's number on the day of the lottery.
  3. Each student’s lottery number is placed in a lottery bin. Numbers are first chosen from those students who are Catholic and then from students who are non-Catholic.
  4. As the numbers are chosen, the list will be established and posted publicly.
  5. Open spaces in the school are first assigned to the students who are Catholic.
  6. This process continues for each grade.
  7. After the lottery date, any students who apply for admission for the upcoming school year will be placed on a waiting list (also separated into the two categories mentioned above).
  8. Each January, families who were not enrolled must re-register for the lottery by the February 15 deadline in order to get onto the new waiting list. Old waiting lists are destroyed at the end of the academic year.