Administration/School Board
2019/2020 School Administrative Team
Mr. John Kennedy - Principal
Ms. Mary P. Gallager - Assistant Principal for Academics
Mr. Corey Luczynski - Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
Mrs. Debbie Brown - Director of Athletics 
Mrs. Tami Goy - Director of Pastoral Ministry
Mrs. Bethany Burgun - Director of Mission Advancement
Mrs. Dana Strabavy - Director of Counseling                    

Auxiliary Departments
Ms. Susan Makowski - Business Manager
Ms. Sue Ushela  - Director of Admissions
Mr. Ben Davidson - Director of Technology 
Mr. Kevin Mackey - Director of Facilities
Mrs. Kathy Kershner - Christian Service Coordinator
Mrs. Christine Kanczuzewski - School Nurse
Mr. Andy Oross - Bookstore Manager
Mrs. Laurel O'Shaughnessy - Program Coordinator for Learning Strategies
Mrs. Ginny Weaver - Assistant to the Principal
Mr. Taylor Valentine - Director of Marketing and Public Relations

2019/2020 School Board
Mr. Chad Gentry, President
Mrs. Charlene Aguilar
Mr. Bill Goodwine
Mrs. Maria K. Harding
Mrs. Mary Harding
Mr. Daniel Luck
Mrs. Leanne Mazurek
Mrs. Maura Ratigan
Mr. Alan Scott
Rev. Paul Ybarra, CSC
Mr. Steven Zornig