GREIA Tutoring (Glenn Rousey Education in Action)
Glenn Rousey Education in Action (GREIA) is a program that offers to tutor and mentoring to 3rd through 8th-grade students who attend Saint Joseph High School feeder schools. Saint Joe students, who serve as the tutors will assist students with homework, review, or do remedial work designated by the student’s teacher.

GREIA provides an opportunity for students to receive some needed academic support in the concentrated areas of language arts and mathematics. Each Saint Joe tutor goes through the diocesan volunteer training program. Tutoring time will be devoted to student’s homework, math facts practice, or teacher assigned review work. Mrs. Kim Coleman is the program coordinator and Ms. Sue Kostielney is the assistant program coordinator.

Tutoring will be available Monday through Thursday from 3:30-4:15 p.m. at Saint Joseph High School.

For more information about contact Mrs. Coleman at or Ms. Kostielney at