Business & Technology

Business Education helps students acquire skills that will prepare them for success in college, success with their personal finances, and/or to successfully enter the workplace. All students will benefit from taking Accounting, Personal Financial Responsibility, and Business Law and Ethics.


Department Outcomes:


Hands-on activities allow students to develop business literacy. Learning about the business world is a necessary component for students to become contributing citizens who can make astute economic and consumer decisions.


Our goal is that students will be able to: 

  • Explain the importance of financial responsibility and decision making,

  • Investigate their possible income and careers,

  • Illustrate planning and managing money,

  • Relate the importance of managing credit and debt,

  • Understand risk management and insurance,

  • Examine saving and investing,

  • Understand the importance of Catholic financial stewardship


We highly recommend all students to take Personal Financial Responsibility before graduating from Saint Joseph High School.