Scientific literacy is no longer reserved for a small group of students with special interests in the sciences. Today, it is necessary that everyone understand scientific information and the methods used to obtain it in making everyday choices, in engaging in public discourse about important societal issues, and in order to succeed in the workplace. 

In concert with the National Science Education Standards and the Indiana State Science Standards, it is the goal of our science curriculum to develop the knowledge and understanding, the skills and critical thinking, which are the foundations of scientific literacy for all students.   

Department Outcomes:   
  • Our students will be able to apply available technologies to the systematic investigation and analysis of natural phenomena.   
  • Our students will be able to assess the scientific validity of claims made by the popular media based on the methodology and supporting data behind the claims.   
  • Our students will be able to analyze and propose ethical solutions to issues and situations using foundational theories and laws accepted by a variety of scientific disciplines.