Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education and Health Department!

Students are required to participate in Physical Education for two semesters. Generally, this is accomplished in the freshman year.  The sophomore year consists of one semester of Health.  

The student has the choice between General PE and Athletic PE.  General PE consists of team and individual sports activities such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, pickleball, floor hockey, soccer, etc.  Athletic PE is a more fitness-based class consisting of weight training, running, cardio exercises, and core exercises.

Physical Education can also be taken in the sophomore, junior, or senior year as an elective class.

Advanced Health is an elective class offered to juniors and seniors who are interested in a career in the medical or healthcare fields.

Another option available to current freshmen and incoming freshmen is our Summer PE program.  For an additional fee, students are able to get a semester's worth of PE credit in one three-week session.

Questions concerning Summer PE?
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