World Languages
The World Languages Department at SJHS is proud to offer three languages. We offer French with Madame Carol Weld, German with Frau Cornelia Langheinrich, and Spanish with Señor Ricardo Rios, and Señoras MaryKay Davidson, Emily Sparks, Lynn Goralczyk and Melissa Smith. 

We open up the world of other languages and cultures to our students. The major objectives of learning a world language are to communicate one's ideas in another language and to appreciate and gain insight into the culture of heritage speakers. Therefore, the classroom must become a "cultural island" with the target language being used from the first level as soon as possible. The student, too, is expected to use the target language, and this includes an ordinary conversation from the moment the student enters the classroom. 

A student is encouraged to study the language selected for four years. In order to progress to the next level of a language, the student must have at least a "C" average at the prior level or have the recommendation of the language teacher and department. A student transferring into the school must have a "C" average or its equivalent. Although the Saint Joseph Fine Arts requirement may be met by completing four years of the same language, this does not fulfill the same requirement for the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma. 

World Language Department Outcomes 
Communication: Students will be able to communicate on a variety of learned topics with comprehensible accent, intonation, and structure. 
Cultures: Students will be able to recognize and explain the influence and interaction among products, practices, and perspectives of the target culture. 
Connections: Students will be able to incorporate cross-curricular skills and strategies into language study. 
Comparisons: Students will be able to compare and contrast the nature of language and culture between the language studied and their own.  
Communities: Students will be able to integrate knowledge of language studied with experiences in the larger community