Social Studies
The goal of Social Studies education is the development of informed, responsible citizens who participate effectively in our democracy. Social Studies courses also teach critical thinking about social issues, promote Christian values, model respect for others, and promote citizenship. The courses continue to build upon skills and knowledge acquired at earlier stages of the education process, especially developing skills in listening, reading, speaking, researching, analyzing, and writing. The department has identified common themes for students to think about critically as they navigate through their high school social studies courses. Among these are leadership, conflict, compromise, innovation, competition, resource distribution, geography, and religion. By exposing students to these big picture ideas as freshmen, and referring back to them in the sophomore through senior years, we hope to develop analytical thinkers who will positively impact the world. Feel free to check out our department and course outcomes below. These help to explain the reason we teach each course from the student's perspective. Thanks for your interest in our department and its offerings.

Prospective Students and Parents please carefully consider the document below entitled, "Why Social Studies at St. Joe?" in this next important step of your educational career.