The English Department is designed to improve communication, which is seen as a two-way process of transmitting and receiving ideas. Through the study of literature, students achieve the awareness necessary to perceive the rich body of truth which literature offers to readers. Through writing, speech, and language instruction, students improve their ability to present their own ideas clearly and effectively. All English courses are designed to heighten the student’s appreciation of language and its importance in our lives.   

Students who matriculate through the English Department at Saint Joseph High School will be able to:   

1. Express effectively their ideas in speech and writing.  

2. Employ proficiently the aspects of language such as grammar, diction, structure, and mechanics to communicate with clarity and force.   

3. Read and evaluate critically various forms of expression.   

4. Present a convincing argument while demonstrating an awareness and tolerance of other viewpoints.   

5. Analyze and articulate the themes in major works of literature to better understand those texts, themselves, and their world.   

6. Synthesize the strategies of effective argumentation, evaluation, and literary analysis to communicate with greater sophistication.     

Members of the English Department: Chairman of the Department Phil DePauw, Leslie Brenner, Ben Downey, Timothy Foster, Mary Gallagher, Catherine Horvath, Lauren Kloser, Amy O'Brien, Judy Reshan, and Andrea Smolinski. 

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Summer reading lists and accompanying assignments are included for Honors level students entering grades 9-12 by clicking on the link to the right.