Welcome to the Saint Joseph High School Mathletes club!

The club participates in three math competitions each year: Huntington University in October, Trine University in January and St. Mary's College in May.  At each event, the top individuals and teams are recognized.

In addition, the math department hosts mathematic competitions for Saint Joe students: the Indiana Math League (IML, 6 per year) and the American Mathematics Competition (AMC in February).  The IML and AMC are not club events but the mathletes do practice and prepare for them.

The club also competes in online math competitions hosted by Interstellar Inc weekly throughout the fall.  With this competition, the team is paired against a specific school.  Saint Joe and the competing school take the same online math quiz and the scores are compared. Ideally, both schools take the online math quiz at the same exact time, but school schedules don't always allow. 

For more information contact moderator Mr. Brett Goodrich at