Book lending policy during the summer

SJHS’ book rental system allows the school to provide textbooks and other educational teacher tools to students while also minimizing the costs to parents. These resources are available for use during the normal school year.

During the summer, the school prepares textbooks and other resources for the next year. Our resources have to be inventoried, ordered, and prepared for teacher use.

Our book inventory is a teacher tool for class use, not a library system for private student mentoring or study in anticipation of next year. This is why students will not be allowed to borrow books over the summer unless students are being tutored for classes they have failed and will take again at SJHS. In this way we will accomplish the following goals:

• Decrease the wear and tear on the books.
• Keep costs lower for all students for books they use during the year.
• Allow us to keep accurate and cost-saving inventory of books needed for next year.
• Save staff time from having to charge a summer rental fee.

If your son or daughter wants to study a book that we use, we suggest that he/she obtain the ISBN of the book, internet search the number, purchase the book through a vendor, and then resell it when finished. You may obtain the ISBN either from The link on the left hand side of the Bookstore home page.

Some courses have electronic books available. Students can contact the teacher before summer begins to request access to electronic books. After summer begins, teachers are not always available.

Have a restful summer.