Christian Service

Christian Service Hours: (Unlimited)

All hours served at any of the following sites [linked here] are applicable toward the entirety of the 20-hour service requirement. ​​​​​​​ A minimum of at least 10 service hours must be served at one [or a combination of] the Pre-Approved Christian Service Sites.


Community Service Hours: (Limited)

A maximum of 10 service hours are allowed from one [or any combination of] the following service opportunities:

Saint Joseph High School sports camp

Saint Joseph High School arts/drama camp/tech/STEM camp

Coaching, Mentoring, Refereeing, goal-keeping, etc. for grade school or non-profit, club sports (s.a. Irish Aquatics, Irish Youth Hockey, Soccer Zone, etc.)

Concession Stands for grade school or high school sporting events.

Teacher/School assistance (s.a. classroom help, library, labs,  alumni events, SJHS open house and recruitment, SJHS auction, maintenance/grounds)


The following types of "service" are not applicable and should not be submitted for grade.

(Though the school recognizes the importance of many activities that provide opportunities for volunteer work and for education in the faith, the following are ordinarily NOT approved)

  • ·      · Family-related activities and services.
  • ·       Services performed for for-profit organizations (including doctor, lawyer, insurance offices, private businesses etc).
  • ·       Services done for individuals (ie. babysitting, shoveling snow, yard work, house cleaning, etc)
  • ·       Service done during Sunday Mass (altar server, lector, Eucharistic minister, musician, usher, etc.)
  • ·       Service done for political campaigns.
  • ·       NHS service obligations
  • ·       Service mandated by the court or any other disciplinary board.