Christian Service

We Serve With Joy!

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete."  

                                                                                                                                                                      ~ John 15: 11

Christian Service Requirements and Guidelines 
In order to more fully integrate our animating principle We Serve with Joy into our students’ lives, each student must complete a minimum of 20-service hours per yer.  Christian Service appears as a recurring semester requirement in our 8-semester curriculum.  Each semester every student is automatically enrolled in "Christian Service".  A total of at least 5 Christian service hours will be due and graded quarterly.  The Christian Service grade carries the weight of a 1 credit per year and will be reflected in the student’s overall G.P.A.. Service hours can begin to be accrued starting on the first day of summer break preceding the academic school year toward which they will be applied. Hours can be submitted early.  Hours that surpass the 5-hour minimum requirement for the quarter will be "rolled-over" to the next quarterly grade(s).  The Christian Service yearly program ends on the final due date of each school year.  No additional hours completed during one academic school year may be applied toward the following academic year.

Pre-Approval of Christian Service Sites
All service hours must be served from the formal list of Pre-Approved Christian Service Sites If it is not on the list of Pre-Approved Christian Service Sites, it will not be applicable toward grade.  It is each student's responsibility to check, in advance, and make sure the chosen service site meets these requirements.  If a desired service site is not found on the list, students should feel free to apply for consent and approval to serve at another location or event by emailing Mrs. Kershner (  In seeking approval for an additional service opportunity, the following should be included in request:  name of service site, website address of service agency, name and contact information of service site supervisor and brief description of the service activity.  Make certain to receive approval prior to completing any service you wish to submit for a grade.  Keep and retain a copy of your request's approval in your records.

Service Categories 
Students have the freedom to choose from myriad service sites, events and opportunities.  However, a minimum of at least 10 service hours must be completed under the category labeled "Christian Service/Unlimited".  All of the service sites listed on the formal list of Pre-Approved Service Sites fall under this heading.  If a student chooses, all 20 required service hours may be completed from the list.  

The other type of service hours is labeled "Community Service/Limited."  Students who opt to serve from this list are limited to a maximum of 10 hours from such service sites or opportunities. Hours may be derived from any one listing or any combination of those services.  In total, only 10 hours of the 20-hour yearly service commitment may be derived from these service opportunities.  

More details may be found by clicking on the tab at the left of this screen, "Service Categories".

Tracking and Logging of Christian Service Hours
All students must track and submit their service hours using the MobileServe app. Name of service site, hours served and volunteer service supervisor's email must be included for verification.  Students need to be attentive to make sure that the Service Site Volunteer Coordinator is verifying hours.  Contact them directly if your hours are not being verified in a timely manner (within 72 hours).  More information can be found by clicking on tab at left,  "Log Your Service Hours with MobileServe app ( Service Hour Verification Record)."

Students are encouraged to complete and upload their service hours well in advance of the service due dates.  Due dates will be strictly adhered to.  No service hours submitted after due date will be accepted.  

The submission of fraudulent service hours will be referred to our Director of Student Affairs as such behavior is deemed to be a major infraction of the Saint Joseph High School Academic Integrity Policy.

Service Due Dates and Grades

Christian service hours are due once per quarter, a minimum of 14 days before the end of each quarter.  Students are to upload their hours to their MobileServe account upon completion of service hours within 24 hours of service event.  

For the 2019 -2020 school year the due dates are as follows:
September 25, 2019
December 6 2019
February 28, 2020
May 15, 2020

No service hours submitted after due date will be accepted. 

Check the "Joy of Service" section on student Canvas accounts for a complete listing of upcoming Christian service opportunities.